The 100m final - as you've never seen it before
Screenshot of the gigapixel 100m final shot. Pic: Henry Stuart/Getty

The 100m final - as you've never seen it before


Gigapixel pictures have been around for a while, but they never fail to be anything less than breathtaking.  Apply them to athletics, and the results are remarkable.

The idea, for the unfamiliar, is creating a picture composed of a billion pixels, or about 100 times more powerful than your average digital camera.  Think of it as like a photography version of IMAX, if you want.

They're usually used for panoramas, allowing for the most incredible detail to be captured.  Zoom in and you can see the faces of individual members of a crowd, from far away.

The picture you see above is a grab of one Getty Images photographer Henry Stuart took during the 100m men's final the other night.  The real thing is absolutely stunning - go here to see it.

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