London says goodbye to the Games
The flags of the competing Olympicnations are paraded through the stadium during the closing ceremony. Pic: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

London says goodbye to the Games


Well, that is that then. It is bound to rain in London today. No one will be speaking to each other on the Tube.The “Games Makers” – the army of volunteers who were deployed all over the capital at London 2012 – will be back in their civvies, rather than the purple and pink shirts, grey trousers and grey Adidas trainers with red shoe laces that have been their uniforms for the past two weeks.

Anonymous again.

London will be a worse place for their absence.

Maybe Boris Johnson, the London mayor, should look in to bringing them all back for an annual or six-monthly reunion, just to pep up the levels of general well-being in the city, and to ward of nasties like riots and recessions.

It would be bound to work.

Just seeing them would be a reminder to everyone to play nice.

I think I will miss the post-race/fight/match interviews of London 2012 more than anything else.

Virtually every one has ended in someone crying.

We have peaked into the souls of great sportsmen with real lives; like the woman who was simultaneously studying for a PhD in law while attempting to win an Olympic gold medal in rowing, after three previous silvers; the shooter who was working in a pub before going cap in hand to a Dubai sheikh for help; the Somali refugee who achieved one of the greatest feats in the history of distance running, and all for Britain.

And now we are already back into the four-year cycle of interviews with those lavishly-remunerated, say-nothing footballers, the ones with vulgar bank accounts and a gift for self-promotion.

Bring back London 2012.

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