Iran's young, male Internet users shape consumer behaviour patterns

Sananda Sahoo   |  September 24, 2012

Young, single and male: that’s the majority of Iran’s internet users, according to a Dubai-based company’s survey. Conducted among 700 individuals last week, most of whom live in Tehran and have an education level of at least a high school diploma, the survey was the first from Chimigi, a start-up that sends out... Read more

Small businesses must take BYOD seriously

Sananda Sahoo   |  September 9, 2012

While the new office trend called ‘bring your own device’ or BYOD is increasingly getting popular with companies around the world (check out Neil Parmar’s story here), it has not spared the small to medium enterprises. Enterprises are embracing the trend as it tends to save them  hardware and maintenance costs, and ... Read more

Ducab's awareness effort ends in a dragon boat race

Sananda Sahoo   |  September 5, 2012

Ashish Chaturvedy, marketing manager of Ducab cable manufacturing company, talks about the company’s corporate social responsibility initiative to promote the use of safe cables and wires in the Emirates. For many of Ducab’s distributors and smaller dealers who participated, the four-month campaign ended in a dragon... Read more

Counter-culture symbols get marketable for Fujifilm's X10 campaign

Sananda Sahoo   |  August 25, 2012

A boy in a hoodie spraying graffiti on a wall may not be welcome in many neighbourhoods around the world but to some advertisers he is a potent symbol of counter culture to be exploited like any other. For the new FujiFilm ad devised by Dubai-based marketing agency McCollins Media,  counter-culture symbols such as... Read more

Coming down with low job satisfaction?

Gillian Duncan   |  July 12, 2012

People who call in sick are more likely to be suffering from low job satisfaction than a physical illness, according to a new survey.People who call in sick are more likely to be suffering from low job satisfaction than a physical illness, according to a new survey. If you think that colleague who called in sick... Read more

The emirate of Fujairah - now in 3D

Neil Parmar   |  May 21, 2012

A graduate from architect school created a company that produces three-dimensional depictions of cities. The business is now working with the emirate of Fujairah to court investors. Sananda SahooFifteen years before it was expected to be complete, zero-carbon Masdar City came alive with all of its details - right... Read more

Time to stockpile backup drives?

Neil Parmar   |  May 21, 2012

Companies that produce backup computer drives for businesses are warning of product shortages. But it may not be necessary for business owners to hoard these devices. Recall those Hollywood disaster movies, where masses of homeowners rush to the store to stockpile bottles of water and boxes of cereal before a... Read more

Profit-eating office spaces

Gillian Duncan   |  May 21, 2012

Businesses with uncomfortable chairs may want to reconsider how long they hold out on switching furniture. Turns out, those hard-on-the-back seats may also be eating into company profits.More than 350 employees work in Google's Kirkland facility, which includes amenities such as a climbing wall, gym and soda fountain, ... Read more

Gulf women buy influence

Gillian Duncan   |  May 28, 2012

Women may not be making their influence felt in the Gulf workplace. But they are becoming a significant force in the retail sector.Shoppers look for bargains in Ajman. © Amy Leang/The National Women in the Gulf account for less than one-fifth of the workforce, despite making up around half of the population.But... Read more

Now hiring: India

Neil Parmar   |  May 23, 2012

Most students who graduate from academic institutions like the University of Texas in Austin do not think of applying for jobs based in India. But Joao Almeida took a different approach. By Sananda SahooJoao Almeida wanted to take a different path with his electrical engineering degree after obtaining it from... Read more

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