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Sport's strangest injury list
Colin Montgomerie. Walk, don't run... Pic: Mike Young/The National

Sport's strangest injury list


Andrew Bynum, the centre for the Philadelphia 76ers, has yet to play this season due to a knee injury. His return has been further delayed, ESPN reported, when he injured the knee while bowling.  But bizarre sporting injuries are more common than you might think... 

Santiago Canizares In 2002, goalkeeper Canizares was pencilled in to start in goal for Spain at the 2002 World Cup, but he paid a price for trying to smell nice. While applying some aftershave, he dropped the glass bottle, which shattered. A shard ?of glass severed a tendon in his foot. He needed surgery and missed the World Cup.

Glenallen Hill The MLB baseball star had earned the name “Spider-Man” for his ability to climb walls while catching fly balls, but during a nightmare about monster spiders he fell out of bed – or was sleepwalking – when he landed on a glass table, which shattered and cut him severely.

Colin Montgomerie The Scottish golfer reckoned the 2003 British Open was a major he could win, but after feeling a raindrop strike his head on his way to breakfast before the first round, he tripped, fell over and sprained his wrist. He was in such pain while gripping a club when he got on the course, he dropped out after just six holes.

Jimmie Johnson The four-time Nascar season champion, who makes a living manoeuvring vehicles at high speeds, was riding on the roof of a golf cart during a leisurely round. The cart hit a bump and Johnson sailed into the air and suffered a broken wrist when he landed. He missed four races.

Plaxico Burress The NFL New York Giants receiver thought it was a good idea to take a ?loaded pistol to a nightclub, but the gun slipped from his waist band and discharged, the bullet striking him in his leg. The mess did not end with the wound; he served nearly two years in prison for carrying a concealed weapon.

Dave Beasant Chelsea's first choice goalkeeper missed the start of the 1993-1994 season after suffering a severed tendon in his foot from a misplaced kick. Sadly, that kick came not on the training ground, but big Dave's kitchen, when he instinctively stuck out a foot to stop a full jar of salad creme that he'd dropped...

Nolan Ryan The former Houston Astros pitcher fell foul, not of umpires, but of nature when he was bitten on the hand by a coyote in 1985. Ryan kept three in a pen on his ranch, and needed rabies tests afterwards to ensure he was in no danger.

Kim Clijsters The Belgian tennis star's spell at the French Open in 2011 came to a premature halt after her attempts to cut a rug proved a step too far. The former world number 1 turned her ankle dancing at a wedding, and ended up missing the competition.

Kirk Broadfoot The Scottish football international was left suffering serious burns after literally being left with egg on his face. Broadfoot, playing for Glasgow Rangers at the time, had poached the eggs in a microwave but they exploded in his face, leaving him needing hospital treatment and missing several games for his club.

Ken Griffey Jr One to make all the male readers of Kitbag wince and cross their legs - the Cincinnati outfielder suffered a pinched testicle after his protective cup slipped and left the poor chap in a large amount of pain. Mind you, Griffey also missed playing time breaking his hand playfighting with his kid on holiday, lifting boxes… basically, he's jinxed.

Steve Morrow A victim of the dangers of exhuberance.  Morrow scored the winning goal in the League Cup final for Arsenal against Sheffield Wednesday in 1993. Tony Adams scooped the 22-year-old onto his shoulders in celebration… and promptly dropped him, breaking his collarbone and ruling him out of the FA Cup final.