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Say hello to wakeboarding champion Angelika Schriber
Youngsters, such as this girl at the Wake Park World Championships on Wednesday, could get some help from Angelika Schriber. Christopher Pike / The National
Christopher Pike Staff Photographer

Say hello to wakeboarding champion Angelika Schriber


The defending champion in the women’s wakeboarding Pro and Features competitions talks to Amith Passela about her chances and passing on her knowledge to youngsters ahead of her title defence at the Wake Park World Championship at the Al Forsan International Sports Resort in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

Her chances “I feel confident, but it comes down to me during the competition ... I think I really have a good chance to retain my hold on the world championship if I put my run cleanly and get everything spot on.”
Looking to the future “At the moment I am too busy travelling and participating in competitions but in the future I would love to teach young girls to compete and coming up the ranks to be a world champion one day.”

Strength in depth “The competitors know each other quite well and there are a few talented new participants but on the day each of us has to pick ourselves up and do the best. On the day it may be your day or not your day. That’s the nature of this sport.”

Dealing with pressure “It comes down to me. I am a competitor because I have to be worried about myself out there. I have to deal with the pressure too, because everyone wants to get ahead of me. I need to go out there with a clear head.”

Travelling the globe “The season carries on for me throughout the year with the Philippines, Macau and Thailand coming up. It is good experience for me and for people in the sport to know me by my name.”

Enjoying competition “It is my emotional release. I just like to be on the wakeboard and express myself. It is a fun sport. You just go out there with friends and learn tricks and push each other on the wakeboard. It is not much about training but pushing each other on the tricks.”