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Lotus: Cheeky and they know it...
Kimi Raikkonen's new steering wheel... Pic: Lotus F1 Team Twitter (@lotus_F1Team)

Lotus: Cheeky and they know it...


Lotus launched their new car for the 2013 F1 season today. Although, if you follow their tweets, you might think they weren't taking the launch as seriously as they could be.

Especially when they tweeted out the picture above during the launch - a photo of Kimi Raikkonen's new steering wheel, apparently...

Raikkonen, of course, ticked off his pit crew en route to his victory in Abu Dhabi last year, telling them 'Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!'.

Then promptly took the wrong turn in the following race and ended up in a dead end.  Hence, presumably, the map button.

As for writing #ImSexyAndIKnowIt on the side of the car... Fair play Lotus.  Stunt of the season winners so far.