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Oh no, Joe: the Hart blunder that cost City v Chelsea

Oh no, Joe: the Hart blunder that cost City v Chelsea


Things weren't looking so bad for Joe Hart there for a bit. He'd stood in net for a nice three-week stretch as City avoided a scare at home against Everton, and then went away for a thorough victory over West Ham and put a hold on second place in their Champions League group by beating CSKA Moscow 2-1.

Then they traveled to Stamford Bridge and just so, so nearly stole a point from Chelsea last night. But a Joe Hart blunder for the ages made Fernando Torres, of all people, suddenly a hero.


Even knowing full well how useless it is, you just want to scream at that image, tell him to stop before it's too late.

"If the damage done on Sunday was to Joe Hartís reputation and confidence, Chelseaís fortunate winner nonetheless continued a theme. Mourinho can be the game-changer," wrote Richard Jolly.

If it seems like Joe Hart has a remarkable ability to brush aside damage to his reputation and confidence, though, that's because this kind of scene isn't exactly new.

It shouldn't take much time this week to know if Hart, like a kind of goalkeeping cat with nine lives, has another one in him. Or if Manuel Pellegrini, as some reports indicate, has had enough.