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YouTube video could kick off NFL bid for Norwegian wannabe

YouTube video could kick off NFL bid for Norwegian wannabe


Videos can be made to show anything. Clever shot selection, camerawork and editing can contrive to make a journeyman clogger into a world class athlete or a talented schoolboy into the next Robinho.

After all, former Celtic manager John Barnes was convinced to fork out the best part of Dh30m on a Brazilian defender purely on the strength of a VHS of his best performances, despite being a player once described by a teammate as someone who 'couldnae trap a bag of cement'.

So as always with Youtube compilations of tricks and talent, there's a healthy dose of sodium chloride to be taken. And yet, it may have landed a Norwegian wannabe his dream of playing in the NFL.

Havard Rugland uploaded a compilation of his supposed kicking skills a couple of months ago, in the hope of attracting interest from a football side's scouts and fulfilling his ambition of playing as a kicker in the National Football League.

And a few days ago, he achieved just that - with the New York Jets reportedly giving the 28-year-old a tryout.

The odds on him landing a full-time gig are pretty remote, especially since the Jets already have a more than decent kicker in Nick Folk. But there's precedent for late-bloomers to make their way into the NFL, so who knows…?

Watch Rugland's skills for yourself: