Valentines Day Business Lunch @ Alfie's, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai

Valentines Day Business Lunch @ Alfie's, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai


Alfie's Valentines Day Business Lunch menu proves even the most hardened suit can experience a dash of romance

The Occasion

Who said love and business don’t mix? Alfie’s Valentines Day business lunch at Dubai’s Jumeirah Emirates Towers proved the two can co-exist and can be delicious to boot.

The Vibe

Being it was the day of romance, the restaurant did have some Valentine Days decoration with flowers spread tastefully and sparsely around the premises. Big points go the music selection with a nice blend of smooth jazz coming out of the speakers. The staff probably realized it was tough to concentrate on that business deal with a Mariah Carey ballad blaring out of the speakers.

First Course: Quail and Chicken Live Terrine

I begin with the Quail and Chicken Live Terrine. The almost overpoweringly flavoursome dish may seem a tad daunting to begin with, but eaten in small bite sizes it definitely keeps the conversation flowing. The terrine was beautifully soft with the fork cutting through easily to expose intertwining layers layers of quail and chicken. The pickled carrots provided some sharp crunchy relief when the palette demanded a change of texture.

Second Course: The Roast Rump of Lamb with Irish Cabbage

The Roast Rump of Lamb was deceptively hearty with half a dozen tender shreds served with a tangy Irish cabbage. Presented with a ring of soft mash potatoes I was already full by the last bite.

Desert:  Stilton Cheese and Endive

Being a savory eater it was the poached celery with Stilton Cheese and Endive for desert. The celery’s freshness undercut the powerful flavors of the Stilton Cheese. While I am not a fan of the Endive, the cheese's dominant flavours manage to bulldoze any of the former's bitterness.

The Wash-up

A slick menu maintaining the essence of a Business Lunch. The three courses were light, not messy and conducive to serious conversations.  For Dh130 it was good value considering the high concept meals and fresh products involved. Ultimately, it achieves what a business lunch is supposed to do, provide culinary background music for the more important discussions at hand. I left with an agreement and full stomach.