Sour-power: Lemon trees for sale in Dubai Marina


A very welcomed addition to the herbs on sale at my local delicatessen, Markets & Platters in Dubai Marina, is potted citrus plants.

The striking green-and-yellow combo of the mini-lemon trees promise to brighten up the dullest of balconies and will, with a bit of TLC, prove an ever replenishing source of fruit.  Although the instructions card buried in the soil is a little vague, the trees will apparently thrive outdoors or indoors under the right conditions.

Here’s what a quick call to The Garden Centre on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road revealed:

  1. 1. Lemon plants need as much warmth and light as possible
  2. 2. If kept indoors, make sure there’s plenty of ventilation & sun exposure
  3. 3. Let the soil dry out almost completely before fully re-watering
  4. 4. Don’t let the pot stand in water, buy ‘pot-feet’ to avoid rot setting-in
  5. 5. Keep feeding the plant when it fruits, but reduce the dosage in winter
  6. 6. When buds reappear in spring, start to feed and water more liberally
  7. 7. If using liquid fertilizer, limit applications to every 15/20 days
  8. 8. Prune once every six months apart from in winter
Lemon trees at Markets and Platters in Dubai Marina start from around Dh700, with smaller cumquat trees from Dh215. Call +97144504466 or email

Lemon trees at the The Garden Centre range from Dh100 – 5,000 with a delivery service available. Call +97143400006 for more info.