Ristorante Cavallino's new menu has polish and heart

Ristorante Cavallino's new menu has polish and heart


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s received a culinary make over. We check out the brand new menu on offer.

The New Menu

Not only the rides and attractions can change at Yas Island’s Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the menu at the in-house Italian eatery Ristorante Cavalino also received a brush up with an array of new dishes on offer. Executive chef Massimiliano Valenzi says the new menu continues retains the old Ferrari spirit.

“The restaurants at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi celebrate Italian culinary traditions. We use organic ingredients, many of which are flown all the way from Italy, and all our dough, bread and confectionary is baked fresh in our kitchens every day,” he said. “We wanted the dining experience to stay true to the spirit of Maranello and the Emilia Romagna region of Italy that is Ferrari’s homeland.”

First Course

We begin with Prawns Bucatini (Dh 60); a thick spaghetti with prawns and Cherri tomatoes drizzled in a light Chili Sauce. A lot of UAE Italian eateries have the tendency to go all out on their pastas; using excess fillings and zany takes on sauces and thus stripping the dish of all identity. Fortunately, Ristorante Cavalino keeps the changes to a minimum and allowing the fresh ingredients to do the work. The Chili Sauce blends well with the sweetness of the Cherry tomatoes. The mixed herbs allows a fine balance and the prawns are fresh and firm.

Second Course

We hit the poultry next with the Corn-Fed Baby Chicken (Dh 95).  Unfortunately not even the mushroom and Pormiggiano Reggiano Sauce - a creamy garlic sauce - could over take the chicken’s dryness.


Beef Short Ribs

 The misfire was immediately rectified by Beef Short Ribs (Dh 95). The staff inform us it is the new menu’s best seller. I believe it. Slowly cooked for over four hours the beef is so tender that a gentle prod from my spoon allows it fall apart. It is simply delicious and when mixed with the grilled Portobello Mushroom it conjures a welcome tangy flavour. The creamed potatoes is also sensational. It is the first time I remember mourning for more potatoes at the end of a meal. The dish is a winner and a must try.


The Profiteroles

The Profiteroles (Dh 35)  - served as a pair - is given a new twist. Instead of cream, vanilla ice cream is used. It is also stuffed a fashion making the profiteroles resemble a hamburger. The heft of the ice cream, coupled with the warm chocolate sauce make it deceptively heavy.

Crème Brûlées

The Crème Brûlées (Dh 35)  large size warrants it’s own coffee session. It is luxurious and could easily be shared by two.

The Wash Up

With the restaurant’s already formidable wood-oven pizzas, the new menu offers good options for a more polished lunch or dinner experience. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the hearty selections on offer. The final word, though, belongs to the Beef Short Ribs and it’s accompanying cream potatoes. Like the roller coaster Formula Rossa, it is another must try at the Yas island venue.

For details: www.ferrariworldabudhabi.com