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My National

Right Bite comes to Abu Dhabi: Day 3 of my 5-day, 1,200 calorie test drive


Today the driver dropped off two bags of food, since Right Bite is taking New Year's Day off. I got a little confused sorting it all, and ended up eating tomorrow night's Italian fish filet with risotto for lunch. As you can see, there was quite a lot of risotto. And the fish was awesome, if tiny. Oh well. I also got a brownie for a snack and I cannot explain how good it was. Good thing tomorrow's is home in my refridgerator or it would be down the hatch.

Last night I arrived home starving and "whoops" ate some baba ghanoush with pita bread. So although my dinner of beef with green beans & brown rice was good (as was the potato and leek soup) I wasn't really that hungry. The moral of the story? As Hala, the Right Bite nutritionist told me, don't get hungry. Also, with all this exercise I am doing (a boxing class and two spinning classes so far) I am pretty sure 1,200 calories a day is not enough.

More importantly though, on the strength of the first three days of this free week trial alone, I have decided I am going to sign up for three more weeks on my own dime. Yalla.

*Right Bite is furnishing the writer with seven days worth of meals and snacks for the purposes of this review.