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Right Bite comes to Abu Dhabi: Day 1 of my 5-day, 1,200 calorie test drive

  |  December 29, 2013

Right Bite's gingered beef noodles with vegetables was both tasty and filling.
Right Bite's gingered beef noodles with vegetables was both tasty and filling.

I've tried meal delivery systems in Abu Dhabi before and I've never been very happy. Those ventures were more of an effort to stay healthy during busy times in my life than to lose weight, but I've always come away from the month-long forays feeling utterly sick of the food, which was rarely delicious and sometimes inedible.

Recently two things happened at the same time: Right Bite announced they were entering the Abu Dhabi market (news I hope is quickly followed by announcements that other Dubai companies doing the same, as the capital sorely needs more options in this area) and I had gained a few kgs over a month that left me sick, unable to work out and (apparently) unwilling to cut back on calories to accommodate.

This morning, day 1, the food arrived right on time (8am) in a green cooler bag, hand-delivered by the driver to my apartment door. I had the fruit that was to be for my snack for breakfast, saving the spiced tofu, white bean and tomato breakfast puff for mid-morning (it was nice to have a light pastry, which I normally shy away from). I did not move on to lunch until 2.15pm and found it to be a delicious mixture of carrots, celery and peppers mixed in with gingered beef noodles. So far, so tasty.

While I was terrified to cut my diet down from the thousands of calories per day it had probably been over the holiday to a minimalist 1,200, I feel like I am on-track to eat only the food Right Bite delivered. (I have an emergency backup plan in the form of a small bowl of oatmeal should things get desperate later)

*Right Bite is furnishing the writer with seven days worth of meals and snacks for the purposes of this review.