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Recipe: The Meat Co's Caprese salad

  |  August 13, 2013

Want a delicious summer recipe? Here's how to make a Caprese salad, as prepared by the chefs at The Meat Co.

Serves 1


Rare roast beef slices 2pcs (40g) Buffalo Mozarella - sliced 2 pcs (65g) Baby spinach - 12g Roma tomatoes - sliced 2 pcs (70g) Asparagus - 50g Basil oil - 5ml Honey mustard dressing - 20ml Chilli oil dressing - 5ml


1. Roll the blanched asparagus(marinate with salt & pepper) with rare roast beef slices. 2. Arrange the baby spinach (3-4 leaves), twice in a serving plate. 3. Place the two slice of the beef tomato on top of the spinach and drizzled with chilli and lemon oil. 4. Place the buffalo mozarella slices on the tomatoes and roast rolled beef on top. 5. Drizzle the beef with honey mustard dressing. 6. Garnish with basil oil.


Ingredients to prepare the beef (US Striploin - full head, fully trimmed)    

Marinade - salt 20g Black peppercorns, cracked - 5g Dijon mustard - 40g Rosemary, freshly chopped -10g Thyme, freshly chopped - 10g

Method - to prepare the beef    

1. Cut the striploin into 3 pieces. 2. Seal on the flat top with olive oil - all sides. 3. Rub the marinade onto the meat. 4. Cook in the oven at 180°C for 25 minutes. 5. Cool in the fridge.


Ingredients for chilli oil dressing

Olive oil               20g Chilli flakes         150g Caster sugar         700ml Lemon juice         300ml Salt - fine              25g Pepper - cracked     100ml White balsamic dressing 5g



Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl together except the olive oil. While mixing add olive oil little by little, check for seasoning and consistency.


Honey mustard dressing     

Olive oil - 750ml White wine vinegar - 250ml Whole grain mustard - 35g Dijon mustard - 40g Lime zest - 2g Lemon zest - 6g Honey - 50g Salt - 15g Pepper - ground white - 4g Egg yolk - 3 pieces


1. In a stainless steel bowl, add egg yolks, mustard and vinegar. 2. Whisk thoroughly to combine ingredients properly. 3. Slowly begin adding olive oil, whilst whisking continuously. 4. Add zest, honey, salt and pepper, then whisk again to combine ingredients. 5. Check seasoning and store labelled in an airtight container in refrigerator.