Saudi Chefs - a new cookery show for Ramadan


Saudi Chefs is a new cookery show which made its debut on OSN Ya Hala! yesterday and will be screening daily during Ramadan.

The show (which is in Arabic) features Yousuf Khumayes and Hani AlZain, two chefs (pictured above) who first met while filming Top Chef Middle East (Khumayes came third and AlZain fourth).

Khumayes is a trained chef who went to culinary college and has been working in kitchens since he was young; less conventionally, AlZain has travelled all over the world, picking up tips from local chefs on the way. Despite these differences, the two became friends while appearing on Top Chef Middle East and subsequently began to look for a project of their own.

The result is Saudi Chefs, a show which features the chefs cooking up different Saudi Arabian dishes (some of them specific to Ramadan). The twist is that one of them must do so following a traditional recipe, while the other is tasked with turning the dish into something altogether more modern and healthy.

For information about timings for Saudi Chefs, click here