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Just Falafel introduces organic salad menu

  |  September 9, 2013

Just Falafel's new quinoa salad
Just Falafel's new quinoa salad

While it may be called Just Falafel, the UAE fast-food chain's trade name seems to be something of a misnomer these days.

For the vegetarian food company no longer serves just falafels, as its choice of dishes increases all the time.

For example, a recent introduction to its menu is salad. Now, customers can buy dishes such as green salad, herb and ricotta salad or quinoa salad, all of which are prepared with locally-sourced, organic produce.

The chain now also serves the Mexican-style burritos, which are made up of falafel, rice, red kidney beans, vegetables and cheese.

The vegetarian food chain was launched in Abu Dhabi in 2007, and has expanded across the Middle East and into the UK.

But as the company grows both its menu and its worldwide proliferation, maybe it's time for a rebranding. Not Just Falafel might be a more accurate name.