Iftar Review: Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at MeliŠ Dubai
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Iftar Review: Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor at MeliŠ Dubai


A flavoursome adventure awaits you at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Itís easy to assume most UAE iftars are buffet-only affairs. However, numerous fine dinning restaurants are using the holy month to launch special Ramadan packages.

The idea is a winner as the normally stripped down meals - available at a cut price - is an effective way to usher in new customers with a mixture of Ramadan only treats and key offerings from the†ŗ la carte menu.

Gourmet Indian establishment Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor elected this culinary route with their Ramadan menu; a three course set-meal including desert.

As well the mandatory plate of dates, guests are welcomed with the Ramadan-only beverage of sparkling almond and vanilla milk. The slightly fizzy drink definitely tickles the palette with the texture similar to sherbet.

The entrťe was a small platter of spiced grilled John Dory fish fillet, a skewered jumbo shrimp and chicken kebab skewer.

The presentation may look a tad spartan but it is compensated by the flavours on offer.

The John Dory - the rare fish adaptable to all culinary mediums from frying to poaching - is succulent and unleashes the mild spices including turmeric, coriander and powdered fennel seeds.

The shrimp was marinated tandoori style with yogurt and garlic paste and a dash of lemon juice, the latter giving the dish an unexpected tang.

The spices of the chicken kebab skewer hits you immediately ; the chicken mince is mixed with a heavy dose of coriander and ginger. The heaviness comes from the amul cheese. Mild in flavour, the Indian cheese gives the mince itís solidity without overpowering any of the spices.

The main was a mixture of old and new. The Lalal Mussa Dal is served accompanied by the chicken and eggplant keema khasta brioche.

The restaurantís signature dish, the Lalal Mussa Dal is a mixture of green and black lentils cooked to a thick stew courtesy of the ghee, spices and tomato puree. Itís beautifully rich and only two table spoons were needed to flavour the accompanying bowl of rice.

The chicken and eggplant keema khasta brioche, a new addition to the ŗ la carte menu, is essentially a curry burger. The mince, once again, is full of flavour and mildly spiced but itís a messy affair as the curry soaks through the bottom of the bun. Itís best to use a knife or fork to minimise possible spillage.

Desert, also from the †ŗ la carte menu, consisted of traditional carrot halva and poached milk dumplings. Washed down with chai (a side order) it is an ideal end to a flavoursome adventure.

Ramadan menu at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor is Dh149 and located at MeliŠ Dubai, 21st St, Dubai. For details call 04 386 8111.