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For one night only - dine Iraqi style

  |  May 7, 2013

Michael Rakowitz in the kitchen at Dar Al Sulh
Michael Rakowitz in the kitchen at Dar Al Sulh

A pop-up restaurant in Dubai's Traffic gallery is open for only one more night so now is your chance to go down and sample some genuine Iraqi fare.

Dar Al Sulh (meaning Domian of Conciliation) is a concept by the Iraqi American artist Michael Rakowitz who has been serving up the recipes preserved by his Iraqi Jewish grandmother for the last week.

Kichree, Ingriyi and Amba Salad

On the menu are dishes such as Kichree, red lentils and rice, Ingriyi, layers of meat and eggplant and Amba Salad, a type of mango pickle condiment whose ingredients and combinations were specific to the Jewish population and are no longer served in Iraq today.

Rakowitz is a conceptual artist best known for work outside of a normal gallery context. He once installed a series of plastic, inflatable shelters for homeless people in New York and recently installed mailing station for sending packages of donated food and clothing to Baghdad.

Dar Al Sulh is a collaborative project between Rakowitz, Rami Farook of Traffic Gallery and The Moving Musem founders Aya Mousawi and Simon Sakhai. It is an homage to the Arab Jews who began making an exodus from Iraq in the 1940s. The title of the pop-up restaurant references an agreement made over a territory that allows freedom of religion.

Head down to Traffic in Al Quoz Dubai tonight for your last chance to feast on these forgotten recipes.