Fancy a healthy burger and a fat free pancake??
Healthy chicken salad at HEAT

Fancy a healthy burger and a fat free pancake??


With nothing on the menu over 400 calories OR Dh40, H.E.A.T is an American diner with a difference.

Situated on Jumeirah Beach Road, customers to this new restaurant can tuck into burgers, salads and full breakfasts but can rest assured that all the ingredients have been selected for their contain low carb, low fat or low sugar ingredients.

If a dish has sour cream, it will be low fat;  if you use ketchup, H.E.A.T. has a reduced salt  and sugar version available. And for health conscious parents, all children’s options have no additives and are organic-based.

H.E.A.T. is a bustling cafe on Jumeirah Beach Road

Founded by Emirati fitness entrepreneur Abdul Aziz Al Tayer and former US Olympic weightlifter Derrick Branford - who devised the menu following 18 year of experience in the  fitness industry.

“The whole point of H.E.A.T. is not to change people’s diet habits but to give them a place where they can get good healthy food that fits their diet beliefs," said the 32­-year­-old, from  Oregon, USA. "No matter what you order at H.E.A.T. you’re headed in the right direction. There’s nothing on offer here that will make you feel like you cheated your diet."

Gluten-free muffins

Even dessert options are good for you. The protein pancakes have no carbs and come with sugar free syrup and the muffins are gluten free and have less than 100 calories.

If you want to treat your self but be kind to your waistline, head down to H.E.A.T. this weekend.