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Dubai to welcome the world's biggest breakfast


If you’ve been in the UAE a while, then no world record attempt is likely to raise much of an eyebrow anymore. World’s biggest peace dove made out of buttons? Check. World’s most expensive red diamond abaya? Why not. Well, this week sees another curious feat, with the attempt to break the Guinness World Record titles for the Longest Breakfast Table and Largest Cereal Breakfast Attendance. No, us neither.

Anyway, the event will be taking place at the Dubai Marina Mall Promenade from 8am-10am on April 26, and will include a 300-metre breakfast table (apparently 90 metres longer than the - practically miniscule - previous title holder). And should more than 986 participants sit down at said table for a free bowl of cereal, the attendance record set last year will be smashed too.

Oh, and the attempt is being organised by keen breakfast fans Kellogg’s, which we guess is really the whole point of the exercise.