Pomegranates and Roses recognised by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Pomegranates and Roses recognised by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards


Congratulations to Dubai based chef and author Ariana Bundy, whose cookbook Pomegranates and Roses, My Persian Family Recipes recently won the Best Asian Cookbook Award in the UK section of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2012.

Pomegranates and Roses will now qualify for the Gourmand Best in the World Competition, the results of which will be announced on the 23rd February 2013 at the annual awards ceremony in Paris.

I have a copy at home and am convinced that this is a book to savour and pore over, as well as cook from. It’s filled with whimsical illustrations, elegantly styled photographs, tales of Bundy’s family history and life in Iran and also provides a wealth of information about traditional Persian food.

The recipes meanwhile are generous, thoughtful and although relatively simple, require the cook to add spices with a delicate hand and be aware of unani, which is the balancing of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ ingredients. The results meanwhile are great - I have had particular success with shirin polo (sweet rice with orange peel, carrots, almonds and saffron).

Pomegranates and Roses is widely available in bookshops across the UAE and would make a really lovely present for a keen cook.