Chef Paolo Sari loves making people happy

Chef Paolo Sari loves making people happy


The Monte Carlo Beach Club Chef Paolo Sari speaks to Bites about his culinary inspirations

The Monte Carlo Beach Club is celebrating it's 150th birthday on Friday. The celebrations are not only limited to it's original ritzy Monaco location, however. The Monte Carlo Beach Saadiyat is also putting on a big bash with live DJs, fire-breathing dancers and a mermaid floating in the club’s palatial pool. Chef Paolo Sari, from the club's Monaco hub, is attending the Abu Dhabi event to prepare a wide array of delicious canapés for guests. He speaks to us about his culinary inspirations.

My earliest memory of the kitchen was when I was 4 years old, making potato dumplings with my grandmother. Playing, learning and eating…. What could be better for a little boy! It was here where I found my love for food.

The first dish I remember making was when I was a nine years old. I won a local culinary competition with a summer fruit cake - when I was little I used to love creating pastries and sweet dishes. At that time, fruits were still very much different each season and I think this inspired my love of organic, sustainable foods today.

The best meal I received is always at home, definitely, cooked by my wife – she is better than I am!

If I could choose a last meal it would be Spaghetti tomato, the sexiest dish ever! It’s good for any occasion – a real rock & roll dish. It’s the most simple and yet the most difficult to combine as it just has two ingredients. If you do not have the best of each it is going to turn into the worst dish. It’s just a simple touch but if you do not have the best hand and the right soul, the final result will be awful.

I feel happiest when I can make the world around me happy.

For me the culinary scene in the UAE is opening up the world and the happiness around me. This is my first time in the UAE and I’m especially excited to strengthen my relationship between Monte-Carlo Beach Monaco and Monte-Carlo Beach Club, Saadiyat – we can definitely learn from each other. Tickets for the Monte Carlo Beach Club 150th Anniversary Celebrations begin at Dh200 from