Fish sayadiya: A Ramadan recipe from the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi


Should you be in need of inspiration for an iftar meal over the next few days, why not take a look at Abdul Salam Hamedi’s recipe for fish sayadiya. He’s the chef in charge at Silk Route restaurant at the Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi and we think the dish looks rather tasty.


500g white fish 250g basmati rice 50g onion 250g fish bones 15g cumin 15g cinnamon 25g salt 5g black pepper 5g pine nuts 15ml olive oil 150g carrots 150ml water


Wash the rice three times, then strain and set aside.

Heat the oven to 180C. Mix the fish bones with the salt, pepper, half the cinnamon and cumin, the carrots and leeks. Tip onto a baking tray and place in the oven for ten minutes.

Slice the onion and saute gently in olive oil until golden.

Add the roasted fish bones to a large pan, cover with water and boil for 30 minutes.

Strain the stock into a new pan and place over a medium heat. Add the rice, season with salt and black pepper and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and cook for 20 minutes.

Marinate the fish with the remaining spices and and roast for 12 minutes at 200C.

Serve the fish and rice with the fried onions and pine nuts scattered over the top.