Valleydez's big summer sale
Sunglasses by Jaesyn Burke- was Dh2695, now 2021.25

Valleydez's big summer sale


Sunset Mall on Dubai's Jumeirah Road is home to Valleydez, the alternative multibrand boutique that stocks some of the region's trendiest brands.

Currently on sale, we select some of our favourite pieces available now at a fraction of the price:


Dress by Fyodor Golan- was Dh13,800, now Dh10,350

Top by Felicity Brown- was Dh2,750, now Dh2,062.5

Necklace by Tatty Devine, Was Dh1,200, now Dh900

Jean-Pierre Braganza- was Dh7,950, now Dh5,962.5