New York Fashion Week: 5 best moments so far
epa03853047 The US band the Jonas Brothers (Lto R) Kevin, Joe, and Nick, attend the Richard Chai Spring 2014 collection fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, New York, USA, 05 September 2013. The Spring 2014 collections are presented from 05 to 12 September. EPA/PETER FOLEY

New York Fashion Week: 5 best moments so far


Let's take a break from reviewing the shows to pay tribute to the most incredible, what-the-heck moments so far at New York Fashion Week.

1. The Jonas brothers at the Richard Chai show. Oh how they grow up so fast. JoBro eyebrows™ were in full force, stealing the show from the other celebs on the front row. (Sorry Zachary Quinto, we know you're there on the left; we just don't care.) PS: Do you think the Jonai share tweezers? Let us know, this is very important. Also, awesome studded sweatshirt, Joe.


2. The e-cigarette company NJOY is a sponsor and they've got a whole crew of interns handing everyone free samples. Also, there's a Samsung HDTV booth inside Lincoln Center and they are not giving away anything.


3. Breaking news: cronuts are kinda delicious. They were inside the loot bag at the Opening Ceremony show. The clothes were just OK, but the cronut was good! Bribe much?


4. Justin Bieber at the Y-3 show. Funnily enough, nobody really cared. The Fashion Week mafia are outside his target demo. We sat one row behind him and we can confirm that The Biebs barely looked at the clothes - his gaze was directed towards the band playing on the side.

Also, how apt to debut your Anna Wintour hairdo at Fashion Week.

5. Speaking of the Y-3 show, it was held at the Eighth Avenue Post Office building, which REMAINED OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Meaning there were onlookers wondering why 1,000 people, dressed up in funny clothes, all suddenly decided to send snail mail together at five in the afternoon.

That's all, y'all. Time for a power nap.