Welcome to All Dressed Up


2849-luxcover-thumb-400x528-2848.jpgEver wondered what fashion folk actually do? What their week looks like? Who and what excites them and what goes into making the perfect fashion shoot? Or are you looking for expert style advice - what to buy and how to wear it?

Our new fashion blog, All Dressed Up, is where my assistant, Nadia, and I will share some of our knowledge and give you a glimpse in to our work as fashion journalists. We have never quite had the space necessary to show you exactly what it is we get up, so we hope this is how we change that. The launch of The National's new Luxury magazine (above) is just the occasion to start.

We want show our job it like it is, and share our views, advice, comments and news from the inside. We hope you like it.

Katie Trotter, fashion director.