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My National

Car bombing kills 26 Egyptian soldiers in Sinai Peninsula

President El Sisi calls national defence council meeting after one of the deadliest attacks on security forces since Mohammed Morsi was removed from office last year.

Cost of living

Rising cost of living hurts small businesses in the UAE

'Once you price people out of clothes, food, and accommodation, you’ll end up with a city that’s just for the rich', says Think Food founder Mohamed El Kashashy.

New peshmerga

These are not your father’s peshmerga

A new generation of Kurdish fighters lacks the distinctive dress and the mystique of their fathers and grandfathers, whose feats as mountain warriors conferred a worldwide reputation for toughness and skill.

Personal finance

Travel is the new Rolex for UAE residents

Wealthy residents in the Middle East now prefer splashing out on luxury holidays and adventures over material goods. Unlike designer clothes or cars, such experiences last a lifetime,

  • Police said the pick-up truck hit a minibus before ploughing into a company entrance, killing one security guard and seriously injuring another.

  • Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan says deal has been reached for hundreds of FSA fighters to assist Kurds in northern border town.

  • Dutchman has been overshadowed by Van Gaal, Di Maria, Falcao, Fellaini and others since arriving, writes Richard Jolly

  • Super Lochal, a humorous film about an Emirati superheroine that addresses issues of empowerment, is screening at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. The all-female team behind it explain why it is so close to their hearts.

  • Also, Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf planning arts centre in Gaza; Queen Elizabeth takes to Twitter; Goodfellas actor sues Fox over Simpsons’ mafia character; Keira Knightley to make Broadway debut; William Shatner in talks to return as Captain Kirk.